Dujamo - Come Here | Music Video now on Youtube.

My new/first Album "Dujamo - Man of Tomorrow" is about to be released.

It took me some time to complete this Project, but as we know, everything happens for a reason and always at the right and proper time.
Even if we dont see it like that at first, it will all work out and come together later on. Man of Tomorrow is completely produced, written & recorded by myself.

This is I.

This 24-track Album is about self and collective improvement in every aspect of life.
Whatever we do today, right now, affects our tomorrow.
Man of Tomorrow is the soundtrack to facing reality and changing it for the better.

More life, love and unity.


Peace & Love

"Dujamo - After All" is now available on Bandcamp!!

New Music Video "Dujamo - On & On"

New Music Video "Dujamo - Good Morning"

New Music Video "Dujamo - After All"

Live @Wormser Rocknacht

!! Saturday 3rd December 2016 !!


Dujamo - Girlfriends [Music Video]

Dujamo - Trippin' [Music Video]

Bob Marley - Morning Sun 2016

Dujamo - Boomshock | Acoustic [Music Video]

Music Video "Dujamo - Always Moving"

Music Video "Dujamo - Hustlers Never Die"

Music Video "Dujamo - Moment"

Music Video "Dujamo - Sometimes"

"BoomShock Acoustic Mixtape" Free-Download!

New Song "Boomshock" Music Video !

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Bob Marley - Is This Love | Acoustic Cover

2Pac - Changes Acoustic Cover

Rihanna - Man Down | Acoustic Cover

"Sometimes Mixtape" Free-Download!

Dujamo - Sometimes

Dujamo - Moment